Coal Washing

Welcome to Coal Preparation Society of India

From the Chairman,

Coal Preparation Society of India has been pioneering the cause of washing coal and thereby improving the quality and consistency, which is beneficial for all users. CPSI a constituent of the International Coal Preparation Congress has seen many ups and downs, but is now firmly established as an industry association with focused objectives. Washing of coal for both the coal industry as well as the power producers in the past has unfortunately not been a matter of priority. A higher cost of transportation and maintenance in addition to excessive capital expenditure for power producers is not a deterrent enough for them to consider washing of coal favourably.

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Mr. Alok Perti,
Chairman, CPSI

From the President:

Welcome to the website of Coal Preparation Society of India (CPSI).

Coal Preparation Society of India (CPSI) is a non government, not for profit professional body of coal, power, iron & steel, cement and allied industries and professionals.

CPSI’s main objective is to promote washing of domestic coal of high ash content to improve its heat value, improve its combustion with reduced emissions and make it environmentally acceptable and sustainable fuel for our country’s economic development and long-term energy security.

CPSI strives for and supports use of washed coal which is a sustainable approach for greener environment.

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Mr. R.K. Sachdev,
President, CPSI