welcome to coal preparation society of india

Coal Preparation Society of India has been pioneering the cause of washing coal and thereby improving the quality and consistency, which is beneficial for all users. CPSI a constituent of the International Coal Preparation Congress has seen many ups and downs, but is now firmly established as an industry association with focused objectives. Washing of coal for both the coal industry as well as the power producers in the past has unfortunately not been a matter of priority. A higher cost of transportation and maintenance in addition to excessive capital expenditure for power producers is not a deterrent enough for them to consider washing of coal favourably. Shortages of coal has also discouraged the coal producers from engaging themselves in washing despite the fact that while briefing investor when the Initial Public Offer was made Coal India explained the benefits of washing to the company. At present when there is commitment of the part of government to restrain and reduce carbon dioxide emissions washing of coal has suddenly gained prominence. The environmental benefits of using better quality coal are now well recognized and therefore government is now promoting washing of coal. Further, the use of super critical and ultra-super critical boilers in power plants which can substantially lessen carbon dioxide emissions require better quality coal. From all angles beneficiating coal, particularly with high ash content, is now inescapable and CPSI is committed to support and facilitate government efforts in promoting washing of coal.

In this endeavor of CPSI we continuously interact with government agencies, hold seminars and conferences and bring out a quarterly journal and a monthly newsletter. CPSI has been given the great responsibility of hosting the 19th International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC) in India in the year 2019. The last time such a congress was held in India was 37 years ago in 1982. We are fortunate to be holding this congress when the issues of climate change are engaging all government in a tremendous effort to reduce emissions and ensure that earth temperatures do not rise beyond 2 degrees Celcius. Preference from complete banning of use of coal to a position of using it more responsibly is gaining ground and in this situation washing of coal become very important. We hope to make the 19th congress a landmark in the history of ICPC. We seek help, support and participation of all stakeholders.

Alok Perti