Epson India: Projector Distance Calculator

The company’s range of products and services is available at over 600 dealers and stores and also with 2,500+ touch points across India. Epson India has a nationwide distribution network that offers local support to customers with its dedicated team of 55 customer service engineers in 25 locations.

All-in-all, Epson is all about instant gratification and delighting customers with world-class quality, value, and service.

Here’s a list of the top ten Epson printers available in India

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Epson India is the marketing arm of Epson Corporation Japan (Epson Corporation was formed out of the merger between Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. and Epson Corporation in 1985.) for marketing of imaging products like printers, 3LCD Projectors, Scanners, computer peripherals, etc. is a data-driven assistance tool for your online shopping research. We offer you with useful information and instructions on obtaining the best epsion product without making any mistakes.

Epson India

Best Epson Printers

Why is it that printers are so popular in the home and in offices?

The answer can be found by looking at how printers are designed and built.

Printers have a number of features which make them different from other devices such as photocopiers or fax machines. The most significant difference between these two types of machines is the fact that when you want to print something, there needs to be paper inside. This means that they need to be constantly fed with paper in order for printing to take place – unlike photocopiers or fax machines which use sheets of paper for one-off jobs only.

This also means that any type of printer will come with its own set of instructions on what kind and weight (or thickness) of paper should be used. The next difference you need to know about is that printers are, essentially, data-creating machines. Here are some top Epson printers available in the Indian market.

EPSON Monochrome EcoTank Printers

A ground-breaking innovation that allows you to use less electricity than laser printers, saving money and the environment.

EcoTank M100/M105

  • Print resolution of 720*1440 dpi
  • High print speed of 34 ppm^
  • ISO print speed of 15 ipm^
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • M100 – Network only, M105 – WiFi only
EcoTank M200M205

EcoTank M200/M205

  • Print resolution of 720*1440 dpi
  • High print speed of 34 ppm^
  • ISO Print speed 15 ipm
  • USB 2.0 connectivity^
  • M200 – Network only, M205 – WiFi only

Colour EcoTank Printers for Home & Office

An EcoTank printer is a color printer that has a large tank and an ink system. It can print for something like 2000 sheets before it needs to be refilled.

EcoTank L3110

  • Print resolution of 5760 dpi
  • Print speed – 33 ppm^ (Black), 15 ppm^ (Colour)
  • ISO print speed – 10 ipm^ (Black), 5 ipm^ (Colour)
  • Compact integrated Ink Tank design
  • Easy and mess-free ink refilling

EcoTank L3115

  • Print resolution of 5760 dpi
  • Print speed – 33 ppm^ (Black), 15 ppm^ (Colour)
  • ISO print speed – 10 ipm^ (Black), 5 ipm^ (Colour)
  • Compact integrated Ink Tank design
  • Easy and mess-free ink refilling

Everything you need to know about Epson printers

Epson printers are capable of printing high-quality photos with color matching to rival film photographs. The ink is permanently bonded to paper with a lasting quality of more than 200 years. The company has been the top-selling brand for printer ink cartridges since 2000.

In 2007, Epson introduced their first high-definition projector and they have been focusing on developing products in the digital camera market, as well as 3D printers and cutters for medium-sized businesses, marketing large format printers with the Epson Stylus brand.

The first Epson printer released in America was called the EP-100 and it was an instant success. There are now more than 40 different models of Epson printers for home use. Some popular models include; Stylus Photo R200 Series, Stylus Photo RX595, Stylus PHOTO RX680.

How to Calculate Projection Distance

“Throw distance simulator” is an HTML5 web application that calculates the throw distance between the screen and the EPSON projector. You need Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers to access this tool.

Throw ratios are a simple way to calculate the distance needed for your projector. For example, if you have an image width of 5 feet and want 10 feet worth of throws then simply divide 1 by D/W = 2/. This formula will let users easily compute their necessary measurements without having any knowledge about what these terms mean or how they’re calculated!

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